Vivo v9 youth (1727) pattern and frp lock reset done by miracle box

Vivo 1727  vivo v9 youth pattern/pin and frp lock removed by tested loader in miracle box

Many friends are searching for vivo v9 youth hard reset and pattern unlock solution.many times and many boxes are fail to unlock but here we are providing tested loader to unlock any lock in vivo v9 youth with any free and paid tool which support custom loader.

You can also use this loader in any free or crack tool also to unlock vivo v9 youth.But we did not support to use any crack tool use only genuine tools..

As vivo v9 yoth is qualcomm chipset based phone so all operation needs (Emergency download mode) EDL mode.In this model edl is locked so you have to open and short edl points to boot in edl mode as given in picture…

Connect these points and insert usb cable iand nstall drivers  qualcomm-qdloader-hs-9008-edl-usb-driver if not installed before.

download drivers for vivo v9 youth

download loader file from billow link

download loader file for vivo v9 youth

Note- please use safe format operation to avoid hangs on logo or restart  after unlock issue..

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Moto Xt-1706 dead after flash and imei repair solution


In this post i will show how to recover moto xt1706 mtk phone after soft brick.while flashing or unlocking device using various tools.without using any box with free tool.before some time i also faced same problem but we found after long decided to post here for very one..


download key -   !bFiaYfMnA0znkXBcHYCQrKUijnLidxO9f1KTJN8p0P8
  • Download tested flash tool for moto xt1706
  • Download in install mtk preloder drivers if you not installed
  • Open sp flash tool select scatter file from downloaded flash file
  • Click on firmware upgrade and connect phone (hold volume up key while connect usb)

its done now your phone will powered on if you have bricked it while flashing ,upgrading or unlocking..

Imei repair process for moto xt1706 for invalid or null imei problem..

  • Download Maui META ver 9.1604.13.00
  • Download mtk cdc driver for imei repair
  • Download db files for moto xt1706
  • Open mauimeta tool click on reconnect
  • Connect phone in power off mode
  • Phone will start and hangs on logo.install cdc driver if you not installed before (see device manager for new hardware)

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Samsung j701f touch not working after update to 8.1 oreo

Samsung j701f (j7- nxt) touch not working after update on copy screen.without downgrade without custom rom

hello friends in this post i will share solution for Samsung j701f touch pad not working after update to 8.1 oreo. Screen  folder was copy not original.working well on 7.0 but after an update touch stopped working.

many friends are searching solution regarding this problem .i was also before some times.finally we  found a perfect and easy solution for this i am sharing this solution in this post with step by step guide.with free touch working file for every one .

if you are searching for the solution of j701f touch not working after update to oreo 8.1  u6 binary, this post will really helpful to you.folllow billow given process to resolve this issue .

Samsung has updated there boot security files in new updates so in many models if you are using a non original screen after update touch wiil not work anymore,and due to binary security you are also not able to downgrade it to old version if you are updated to new be careful before update in copy screen having phones.

Samsung j701f touch not working on 8.1 oreo solution
  1. Download latest odin tool only
  2. Download j701f touch working file by technocare
  3. Use otg mouse or usb mouse with an otg cable to access setting
  4. Enable devlloper options by clicking on build no 7 times from about menu
  5. Enable oem unlock to disable FRP Lock
  6. Flash given .tar file using odin tool in download mode
  7. After flash .tar file just do hard reset by volume keys.
  8. Its touch will work on 8.1 oreo.without any custom rom or downgrade to lower version
To understand better follow video guide ..

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